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It can be hard to stay healthy and active when you don't have a support system. 


When it comes to getting and staying healthy, we all know that mindset, movement, and motivation are key. But sometimes it's hard to keep these three things in check on our own.

That's where Back In Action Health Community comes in. We are an online community of like-minded people who are here to help you stay on track with your health goals. With weekly live calls, mobility training, workouts, and more, we provide everything you need to make healthy living easy and fun.

  • Join Our Discord

    Every month
    Get Access to Our Private Discord Server
    • Access to the Discord Community
    • You Get the Mobility Self Assessment E-Book
    • Weekly Live Group Chats and Open Discussion Forms
    • Expanding Library of Content
    • Accountability and Motivation to Reach New Goals
  • Monthly Care Plan

    Every month
    Individualized program with Weekly Visits
    • Monthly Wellness Therapy Plan

What is Discord?

Discord is the ultimate platform for communities to create their own server, chat with other like-minded individuals in private rooms or join an already existing one! With text message integration as well it's never been easier than now.

A VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), instant messaging app where you can communicate via voice calls; video chats: even file sharing capabilities - all within this one secure environment means there are no worries about getting hacked because everything happens on your device so nothing gets out unless we want them too.

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